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Medieval Farm Simulator is an opportunity to move to medieval times and become then farmer. You have only primitive tools to:

  • Create croft for your cattle, for example cows, chickens, sheep and others use wood, nails and hatchet
  • Prepare the ground using medieval ways of soil fertilization to giving you plants the best conditions of growing. It’s just your decision what kind of plants you will cultivate
  • Repair the old farm equipment, which is necessary to running the farm, for example attach the wheel to the wheelbarrows using the metal screw
  • Renovate damaged buildings on you farm to protect your property and harvest against the destruction. For example, patch the holes in the old roof using the new boards and hay.
  • Become the medieval farmer by taking part in medieval harvest use right equipment to cut the grain and prepare the sheaves. Discover, how to secure it against atmospheric conditions.